Senior Executives With Language Skills For Permanent And Interim Roles

Executives who speak multiple languages are are rare, valuable and worth the investment

Hiring a senior executive who understands foreign business culture and speaks your customers' language will get better international results.
Multilingual Recruitment

Senior Executives For Cross-Border Roles

Multilingual Executives specialises in helping companies source Senior Executives, Managers and Directors who are proficient in more than one language including English, and who know how to use intercultural skills within their business role.

When doing business in foreign countries, an appreciation of different business cultures and norms and the ability to speak the language are a “must-have” in order to truly succeed. Whether for a short-term interim management assignment, or long-term international business development, we help you find a multilingual executive with a cross-cultural skillset.

What We Do



A focused search for executives with foreign language and cross-cultural skills.



Multilingual Interims available for projects, or until a permanent hire is found.



Interims available at short notice and prepared to commit long term.

We offer a distinct advantage over classic search providers by helping you source candidates with the extra advantage of both business and language skill sets.

Our philosophy is to understand the specific requirements of the position, whilst taking into account the foreign business environment that the candidate will be working with. Subsequently our search process is geared toward selecting candidates who will:

  • Possess relevant language capabilities
  • Demonstrate experience of working across international boundaries
  • Understand and appreciate the intricacies of international cultures
  • Add value to your business.
A fully integrated search solution for organisations looking to strengthen their international executive expertise.

The Increase in sales achieved by businesses that are proactive in their use of language and cultural skills (BCOC)


Percentage of mergers and acquisitions that fail to produce the expected synergies because of cultural differences (KPMG)


Senior Executives, Managers and Directors who have registered with us that are proficient in more than one language


Percentage of the world's population that speak no english at all - only 6% are native english speakers and even less in business